Dance School (e)motion

Dance School (e)motion offers weekly classes in oriental dance (belly dance) for all levels of students, from total beginners to advanced and professional dancers, for fun and fitness, or with the ambition to perform. Our classes take place in and around Leuven (Belgium), or at your own location. Whether you are looking for an exciting new hobby, a fun weekly activitiy with your friends, an introduction to this beautiful art form or a place to take your dancing to the next level.... welcome!

You can find all information about our classes on the page "cursussen" on the Dutch part of this website. Contact us at with your questions and for more information in English! Classes are usually held in Dutch, though all of our teachers speak English fluently and can translate for you when neccessary. Workshops with guest teachers are usually in English.

We always welcome visiting dancers from other countries for a drop-in class!


Artemisia is a succesful international performer, teacher and choreographer of oriental dance. She is the whirlwind driving force behind dance school (e)motion in Leuven (the largest school for oriental dance in Belgium), the annual Raks Summer School in Belgium, the professional dance ensemble Raks Pro, and her student troupe the A-Team. Audiences around the globe have loved her sense of humour and drama on stage, as well as her magic with a silk veil. Students have found her an inspirational teacher, bringing both technical expertise and a unique approach to dance as (e)motion to the class room.

She teaches regular workshops and classes at dance school (e)motion in Leuven, and other dance studios around Belgium (by request). She is also a sought-after workshop instructor at belly dance events in Europe and worldwide. Recent engagement have taken her to the UK and the US, Germany, Iceland and South-Africa. To book Artemisia, email her at . For her current workshop schedule visit her website